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ZombieSmash HD is an action-packed Tower Defense-style game designed specifically for iPad. In this thrilling game, your mission is to eliminate an invasion of flesh-eating monsters known as zombies.

The zombies in ZombieSmash HD attack your house from both sides, requiring you to use both thumbs to flick them away. The farther you flick these little monsters, the higher the chances of instantly killing them. With various types of undead to deal with, you'll be grateful for the wide range of weapons and power-ups available to collect and aid you in your mission.

ZombieSmash HD offers three exciting game modes: Campaign, Endless Siege, and Sandbox. In the campaign mode, you must survive night after night of relentless zombie attacks to progress through the game. Endless Siege, initially locked, provides a never-ending flicking free-for-all. Sandbox mode allows you to create your own games, experiment with weapons, and summon as many or as few zombies as you desire. As you excel in ZombieSmash HD, you'll unlock bonus nights to further challenge your skills.

The graphics in ZombieSmash HD are visually appealing and entertaining. Prepare for heads popping off, limbs being tossed around, and copious amounts of blood. The accompanying sound effects add a humorous touch to these gruesome deaths.

However, the gameplay in ZombieSmash HD can become repetitive over time, as it primarily involves flicking your finger across the screen. This may lead to boredom and even thumb fatigue.

ZombieSmash HD provides enjoyable gameplay for a while, but it may not hold your attention for an extended period. If you're seeking a thrilling zombie experience on your iPad, this game is worth a try.

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